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Exporters propose to absorb public sector employees

Sri Lankan exporters are proposing to absorb public sector employees for employment in the sector to relieve the burden of wages and related costs on the Government.

The proposal has resulted in the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government appointing a committee to look into the possibility of granting five years of leave to government employees to work in the private sector. A seven-member committee has been appointed for this purpose and that the said committee is to submit its report to the Cabinet of Ministers within two weeks.

In current scenario, considering the financial burden and the reportedly excessive workforce attached to the public sector, National Chamber of Commerce (NCE) member exporters had proposed these options in reaching a win-win agreement for both government and the export sector, M. Shiham Marikar, NCE Secretary General said in a statement. “It is to be noted that labour requirements of exporters vary according to the relevant industry, yet in general all categories could be considered. Any government employee in the permanent cardre is eligible to apply for employment in the export sector.”

: Exporters propose to absorb public sector employees

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