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CompanyProduct Servise SectorWebsite    
Eastern Merchants
United Tobacco Processing (Pvt) Ltd.Alcohol & Tobacco Based Products
Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLCAlcohol and Tobacco
International Distillers LimitedAlcohol and Tobacco
Avery Dennison Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Apparel &
Aqua Ceylon international Pvt LtdAquatic Plants & Ornamental Fish
Tropical Fish International (Pvt) LtdAquatic Plants & Ornamental Fish Products
Lumbini Aquaria International (Pvt) LtdAquatic Plants & Ornamental Fish
Orna Fish (Pvt) Ltd.Aquatic Plants & Ornamental Fish
Ruvini Aqua Plants Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.Aquatic Plants & Ornamental Fish
BAFF Polymech (Pvt) LtdBoat & Ship Building, and Repair
Colombo Dockyard PLCBoat & Ship Building, and Repair
Dhanusha Marine Lanka Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Boat & Ship Building, and Repair
Neil Fernando And Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.Boat & Ship Building, and Repair
ELS International (Pvt) LtdBusiness & Professional Services
LANKA HYDRAULIC INSTITUTE LTDBusiness & Professional Services
Ocean Trade and Logistics (PVT) LtdBusiness & Professional Services
Oceanneeds( Pvt) LtdBusiness & Professional Services
Ernst & YoungBusiness & Professional Services
Sanken Overseas (Pvt) Ltd.Business & Professional Services
Midaya Ceramic Company (PVT) LtdCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Samson Rajarata Tiles (Pvt) LtdCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Art Decoration International (Pvt.) Ltd.Ceramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Noritake Lanka Porcelain (Pvt.) Ltd.Ceramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Royal Fernwood Porcelain LimitedCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay Products
Dankotuwa Porcelain PLCCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Lanka Tiles PLCCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Lanka Walltiles PLCCeramic, Porcelain, and other Clay
Union Chemicals Lanka PLCChemical Products
Haycolour (Pvt) LimitedChemical Products
Causeway Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Chemical
Macksons Paint Industries (Pvt) Ltd.Chemical
Multichemi Exports (Pvt) LimitedChemical
Lanmic Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Chemical
Thuselco Holding ( Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based
Tropicoir Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based
Trump Coir Products (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based
Waguruwela Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based
Adamjee Lukmanjee And Sons Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
CEILAN COIR PRODUCTS EXPORT (PVT) LTDCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Green Space International (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Jaindi Export (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Metshu Exports (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Nagahawathta Exporters & ImportersCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Napronet (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Nestle Lanka PLCCoconut & Coconut Based Products
NMK Agro Industries (PVT) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
ASIAN AGRO PRODUCTS (PVT)LTDCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Navik Mills (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Rio Coco Lanka (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Senikma Holdings (Pvt) LimitedCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Wichy Plantation Co. Pvt Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Chas P. Hayley & Co. (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Cocogreen UK Lanka (PVT) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Cocotech Exports Lanka (PVT) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Mal OrganicCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Ravi Industries LimitedCoconut & Coconut Based Products
St.Valentine DC FactoryCoconut & Coconut Based Products Sector
Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products Sectorwww.unicomtea.com0
Jiffy Products S.L. (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Serendipol (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Go Green Exporters (Pvt) LtdCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Jayampathi Lanka Exports (pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Liberty Trading InternationalCoconut & Coconut Based Products
Manisha Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Rileys (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Straight-Line International (Pvt) Ltd.Coconut & Coconut Based Products
Coco AGro (PVT) Ltd.Coconut and coconut based
CoCo Green ( Pvt ) Ltd.Coconut and coconut based
KoirAlive Exports (Pvt) LtdCoconut substrates Fresh Vegetable
KokosPeat Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Coir Fiber and Coir Based
Ceylon Biscuits LimitedConfectionary and Beverage Products
Ceylon Cold Stores PLCConfectionary and Beverage Products
Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt.) Ltd.Confectionary and Beverage Products
4Ever Skin Naturals (Pvt) Ltd.Cosmetic & Beauty
Janet Lanka Pvt Ltd.Cosmetic & Beauty
Hayleys PLCDiversified Conglomerate
Variosystems (Pvt) LtdElectrical & Electronic
ACL Cables PLCElectronic & Electrical Products
KIK Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Electronic & Electrical Products
Sierra Cables PLCElectronic & Electrical Products
Perstaff Holdings (PVT) LtdElectronic & Electrical Products
Synex Holdings (PVT) LtdElectronic & Electrical Products
Trandex International (Pvt) Ltd.Entreport
Annai and Sons ( Pvt) LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Ceylon Fresh Seafood( Pvt) LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Lihini Seafoods (PVT) LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Tropical Shellfish (Pvt)LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Global Sea Foods Pvt Ltd.Fisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Taprobain Seafoods ( Pvt) LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Dinuth Cey FoodsFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Island Sea Food Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Fisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
N & N Super Sea Food (Pvt) Ltd.Fisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Srimic Exports (Pvt) LtdFisheries & Fishery Products Sector ( Fresh and Processed)
Asian Cuttings Lanka (Pvt) LtdFloriculture & Horticulture Products
Ceylon Foliage (Pvt) Ltd.Floriculture & Horticulture Products Sector
Horticulture Lanka Pvt Ltd.Floriculture & Horticulture Products
Decor FoliageFloriculture & Horticulture Products
Mike Flora International (Pvt) Ltd.Floriculture & Horticulture Products
Ramya Horticulture (Pvt) Ltd.Floriculture & Horticulture Products and
D&R Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Green Way Asia Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Hayleys Agriculture Holdings LimitedFresh & Processed Agricultural Export Crops
Mccoy Ceylon Commodities (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Alwis Agro Exports (Pvt) LtdFresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Rancrisp CashewFresh & Processed Agricultural Export Crops
RAVI EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITEDFresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Renuka Agri Foods Plc.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
SERENDIB GLOBAL TRADING (PVT) LTDFresh & Processed Agricultural Export
THINEERA EXPORTSFresh & Processed Agricultural Export Crops
Tropikal Life International (Pvt) LtdFresh & Processed Agricultural Export Crops
Pulses Splitting & Processing Industry (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Saaraketha Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Nidro Supply (Pvt.) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises (Pvt) LimitedFresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Ranjitha Pulses and Splitting and Processing Industry (PVT) LtdFresh & Processed Agricultural Export
Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export Cropswww,
C.R.Exports (PVT) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food
Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food
Lanka Commodity Trading Pvt LtdFresh and Processed Food
Nelna Agri Development ( Pvt) LtdFresh and Processed Food
Bio Food Exports (Pvt) LtdFresh and Processed Food Productswww.earths-finest.comSent
Development Interplan Ceylon (PVT) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food
Kings Foods (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food Products
Leela Exports & ImportsFresh and Processed Food Products
CIC Agri Businesses (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food
Derana Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd.Fresh and Processed Food
Benji Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Naturub Exports International (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Orit Apparels Lanka (Pvt) LtdGarments and Apparel
Selyn Exporters Private LimitedGarments and Apparel
Statesman Hats (Pvt) LtdGarments and Apparel Products
Texpro Industries Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Alpha Apparels Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Brandix Apparel Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Cliftex Industries (Private) LimitedGarments and Apparel
Colmans Garments Industries (Pvt) LtdGarments and Apparel
Expoworld Buttons (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Mas Intimates (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Miami Clothing (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Timex Garments (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Fascination Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Mas Active Trading (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Trendywear (Pvt.) Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Private) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Jolanka (Pvt) LtdGarments and Apparel Productswww.
Omega Line Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Pant Asia Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
Silueta (Pvt) LimitedGarments and Apparel
Sirio Ltd.Garments and Apparel Products
T & S Buttons Lanka (Pvt) LtdGarments and Apparel
Texstyle Lanka Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Garments and Apparel
Ashkar GemsGems , Precious Stones and Jewellery
Beauty GemsGems , Precious Stones and
Brilliant Cuts (PVT) LtdGems , Precious Stones and
Ceylon Jewelry Manufacturers (Pvt) LtdGems , Precious Stones and
A. M. A. Careem Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd.Gems , Precious Stones and Jewellerywww.careems
Sri GemsGems , Precious Stones and
TANTRA (PVT) LTDGems , Precious Stones and Jewellery
Wijaya Gems (Pvt) LtdGems , Precious Stones and
Diamond Cutters Ltd.Gems , Precious Stones and
Diamond Dreams (PVT) LtdGems , Precious Stones and
Echelon International CompanyGems , Precious Stones and
Sifani Jewellers Pvt Ltd.Gems , Precious Stones and Jewellery
Wellawatta Nithyakalyani JewelleryGems , Precious Stones and Jewellery
Zam Gems (Pvt) LtdGems , Precious Stones and
N J ExportsGems , Precious Stones and
Punsiri GemsGems , Precious Stones and
Radiant Gems International PLCGems , Precious Stones and
PGP Glass Ceylon PLCGlass and Glass
Lanka Fishing Flies (Pvt) Ltd.Hand Crafted ,Toys and Allied Products
Greens Flower Design (Pvt)LtdHandicrafts & Handloom Products
Kandygs Handlooms (Exports) Ltd.Handicrafts & Handloom Products
DMS Software Technologies (Pvt) LtdInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
hSenid Software International PLC.Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
99X TechnologyInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
Ironone Technologies (PVT) LtdInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
Orel IT (PVT) LtdInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
Pristine Solutions ( Pvt) LtdInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
WNS Global Services (Pvt.) Ltd.Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
Epic Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related
Suntech Information Technologies (Pty) LtdInformation & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector & related Services
M.A.M.Abdul Cader And Co. (Pte) Ltd.Leather & Leather based products
Belden Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Leather & Leather based products
D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd..Leather & Leather based products
Lanka Special Steels LtdLight Heavy Engineering
LTL Transformers (Pvt) Ltd.Light Heavy Engineering
East Link Engineering Co (Pvt) LtdLight Heavy Engineering
SAW Engineering (Pvt) LtdLight Heavy Engineering
Tantri Trailers (Pvt) LtdLight Heavy Engineering
Orel Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.Light Heavy Engineering
Pubudu Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.Light Heavy Engineering
Nippon Maruchi Lanka Electronicsÿ (PVT) Ltd-2021-2022Light Heavy Engineering Products
Kelani Cables PLCLight Heavy Engineering
Noratel International (pvt) Ltd.Light Heavy Engineering
Ceyline Maritime Services (Pvt) LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Freight Line International (Pvt) LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
McLarens Containers (PVT) LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Advantis Freight (Pvt) LimitedLogistic and Freight Forwarding
BTL Lanka (PVT) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding btldepot index.php?Sent
Clarion Logistics (PVT) LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Dart Global Logistics (Pvt)Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Spectra Integrated Logistics Pvt LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
DP Logistics (Pvt) Ltd,Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Foreway Logistics (Private) LimitedLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Laksiri International Freight Forwarders (Pvt.) LimitedLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Maxx Fortune Line (pvt) LtdLogistic and Freight Forwarding
Shermans Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding Services
Global Logistics Services (Pvt) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Mass Logistics International (Pvt) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Sea Horse Shipping (Pvt) Ltd.ÿÿLogistic and Freight Forwardingÿÿÿÿÿ
Seacare Forwarders (Pvt) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Smart Marine Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Logistic and Freight Forwarding
Agacia Ceylon Pvt LtdLogisticÿ and Freight Forwarding
Bopitiya Auto EnterprisesMachinery & Light Engineering
Advantis Projects and Engineering(Pvt)ltdMachinery & Light Engineering Products
ALUMEX PLCMachinery & Light Engineering Products
City Cycle Industries Manufacturing Pvt LtdMachinery & Light Engineering Products
Samson Bikes (PVT) LtdMachinery & Light Engineering Products
Asiabike Industrial LimitedMachinery & Light Engineering Products
Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers LtdMachinery & Light Engineering Products
Ancient Nutraceuticals (Pvt) LtdOrganic
D P Global Ventures ( Private) LimitedOrganic Productshtpp:
Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd.Organic Products
Mcsons Organics (Pvt) Ltd.Organic ProductsWWW.CAVADI.COM
CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd.Organic
Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd.Organic
Sunplast (Pvt) Ltd.Other Industrial
YKK Lanka Pvt Ltd.Other Industrial
Ceyquartz MBI (Pvt.) Ltd.Other Mineral based
Alchemy Boulders (Pvt.) Ltd.Other Mineral based
Bogala Graphite Lanka PLCOther Mineral based productswww.gk-graphite.lkSent
Damsila Resources Pvt Ltd.Other Mineral based
Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd.Paper & Paper based
Gamma Interpharm ( Pvt) ltdPharmaceutical Products including Medicinal related Ayurvedic & Herbal
Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd.Pharmaceutical Products including Medicinal related Ayurvedic & Herbal
Bio Extracts (Pvt.) Ltd.Pharmaceutical Products including Medicinal related Ayurvedic & Herbal en-lk
Agro Nutrition (Pvt) LtdPharmaceutical Products including Medicinal related Ayurvedic & Herbal
Astron LtdPharmaceutical Products including Medicinal related Ayurvedic & Herbal
Ceylon Polymer (Pvt) Ltd.Plastics and Plastic
DKW Aqua International (Private) LimitedPlastics and Plastic Related Products Sector
Flex Film International (Pvt) Ltd.Plastics and Plastic Related Products Sector
Farmchime Manufacturers (Pvt) LtdPoultry & Livestock products
Fortune G-P Farms Lanka Ltd.Poultry & Livestock products Sector
Amico Exports Ltd.Printing and Packaging Products
J F & I Packaging (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging
Plastic Pakaging (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging
Polydime International (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging
PrintXcel (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging Products
PrintXcel Packaging (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging Products
Tinpak (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging
Aqua Packaging (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging Products
Expack Corrugated Cartons PLCPrinting and Packaging
Korean Spa Packaging (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging
Plastipak Lanka Ltd.Printing and Packaging
RUCHI PACKAGINGPrinting and Packaging Products
Wilkins Spence Packaging Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Printing and Packaging
L.S. Group (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging Products
NPS Packaging (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging Products
Packaging Alliance (Pvt) LtdPrinting and Packaging Products
Bairaha Farms PLCProcessed Food Products
Edinborough Products (Pvt) LtdProcessed Food Products
Foreconns CanneriesProcessed Food Products Sectorwww.foreconns.comÿ
HJS Condiments LimitedProcessed Food Products
Keells Food Products PLCProcessed Food Products
MAs Tropical Food Processing Pvt Ltd.Processed Food Products
Rabeena Food (Pvt)Ltd.Processed Food Products
Sunquick Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Processed Food Products
Country Style Foods (Pvt) Ltd. ? SMAKProcessed Food Products
Cargills Quality Foods LimitedProcessed Food Products
Prima Ceylon PLCprocessed Food Products
GreenKeepers (Pvt) LtdRecycled Products
Lak Methodic Co (PVT) LtdRubber & Rubber Products
Kalhari Enterprises (Pvt) LtdRubber & Rubber
ARPITECH (PVT) LTDRubber & Rubber Products
Dipped Products PLCRubber & Rubber Products
Hexagon Asia (Pvt) LtdRubber & Rubber Products Sector
Ansell Textiles Lanka (Pvt) LtdRubber & Rubber Products
Arpitalian Compact Soles(Pvt) Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products |
Associated Speciality Rubbers (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
CEYFLEX RUBBER LIMITEDRubber & Rubber Products
Rado Industries (Pvt) LtdRubber & Rubber Products Sector
Richard Pieris Exports PLCRubber & Rubber Products
Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
S & T HoldingsRubber & Rubber Products
Samson Manufacturers (Pvt.) LtdRubber & Rubber Products
Textrip (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
Glenross Rubber CompanyRubber & Rubber Products
Sinwa Holdings LimitedRubber & Rubber Products
Samson International PLCRubber & Rubber Products,,
Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
Samson Rubber Industries (PVT) LtdRubber & Rubber Products
Samson Rubber Products (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
E B Creasy & Co. PLCRubber & Rubber Products
Industrial Clothings (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber & Rubber Products
Global Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber Tires and Accessories
Michelin Lanka (Private) LimitedRubber Tires and Accessories
Associated CEAT (Pvt) Ltd.Rubber Tires and Accessories
Laugfs Corporation (Rubber) Ltd.Rubber Tires and Accessories
SGS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Service
Advantis Express (Pvt) Ltd.( Mountain Hawk Express (Private) Limited)Service Providers to en-lk home.html
Bamber and Bruce (Pvt) LtdService Providers to
Benchmark Logistics International ( Pvt) LtdService Providers to
Cargo Boatÿ Company LimitedService Providers to
Control Union Inspections (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
DHL Global Forwarding Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
National Development Bank PLCService Providers to
Baltic Testing Lanka (Pvt) LtdService Providers to Exporterswww. balticcontrol.comSent
Bureau Veritas Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) LtdService Providers to
SALOTA International (Pvt) LimitedService Providers to
Spectra Logistics Pvt LtdService Providers to
Spillburg Holdings (Pvt) LtdService Providers to
Aramex Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services LankaService Providers to
Chrisslogix (PVT) Ltd.Service Providers to
CL Synergy LimitedService Providers to
GEO-CHEM Lanka (Pvt) LimitedService Providers to
Illukkumbura Industrial Automation (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
MAC Holdings Pvt Ltd.Service Providers to
Sampath Bank PLCService Providers to
Scanwell Customs Brokers( Pvt) LtdService Providers to
Scanwell Logistics Colombo Pvt LimitedService Providers to
Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance CorporationService Providers to
Colombo Cargo Express (PVT) Ltd.Service Providers to
Eco Transfer Prints (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
Fairfirst Insurance LtdService Providers to
Freight Links International (Pte.) Ltd.Service Providers to
ETL Colombo (PVT) Ltd.Service Providers to
Expelogix (Pvt) LimitedService Providers to
Feiton company (PVT) LtdService Providers to Exporters
Global Parcel Delivery (Private) LimitedService Providers to
Iceman Paper Products (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
Petform (PVT) LtdService Providers to
Sea Consortium Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.Service Providers to
Skynet WWE (PVT) LtdService Providers to Exportersÿ
Speedmark Transportation Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Service Providers to
Bughary Bio Spices ( Pvt ) LtdSpices and Spice based
Ceylon Eco Spices (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Colombo Export & Import Agencies PVT LtdSpices and Spice based
E-Silk Route Ventures (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Impex Corporation (pte) LtdSpices and Spice based Products
Joint Agri Products Ceylon (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Mount Trade International (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
New Dehara Trading Company(Pvt)LtdSpices and Spice based Products*
New Lanka Cinnamon (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Citro Essential Oils (Pvt) Ltd.Spices and Spice based
G. P. De Silva & Sons International (Pvt) Ltd.Spices and Spice based
Pura Vida International (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based Products
Ruhunu Spice Exports (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Samagi Organics(Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Samagi Spice Exports (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
SLA Spice (Pvt) Ltd.Spices and Spice based Products
Wijaya Products (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Apeiron Lanka (Pvt) LtdSpices and Spice based
Diamond International (Lanka) (Pvt) Ltd.Spices and Spice based
Cinnatopia (PVT) Ltd.Spices and Spice based
EOAS InternationalSpices and Spice based Products
EOAS Organics (PVT) Ltd.Spices and Spice based Products
HDDES Extracts (Pvt) Ltd.Spices and Spice based
People?s Organisation for Developmentÿ Import And ExportSpices and Spice based
Wayamba TradersSpices and Spice based
Abdulla International (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters
Bridges Worldwide (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters index.html
Pan Asia Coloured Yarns (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters
Intissel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters Sector.
Kraeuter Mix Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters Sector.
Intertek Lanka (Pvt) LtdSuppliers to Exporters
Premier Packaging International (PVT) LtdSuppliers to Exporters Sector.www.premierpackaging
Rakeeb International (Pvt) Ltd.Suppliers to Exporters
Shan Teas (Private) LtdTea &
Stassen Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Tea &
Senok Tea (Pvt.) Ltd.Tea &
Silk Route Ceylon Merchants (Pvt) Ltd.Tea &
Sunshine Tea (Pvt) Ltd.Tea &
Suntea (Private) LtdLtdTea &
Expoteas Ceylon (PVT) LtdTea & Tea based Products
Euro Scan Exports (Pvt.) Ltd.Tea & Tea based
Watawala Plantations PLCTea & Tea based
Anverally and Sons (Pvt.) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Basilur Tea Export (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Black Tea Exports (Pvt) LtdTea & Tea Products Sector
Bogawantalawa Tea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products Sectorwww.
Ceylon Tea Land (Pvt) LtdTea & Tea Products
Ceylon Tea Marketing (PVT) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products Sector
Enrich Tea And Food Products (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Flynntair Ceylon Teas (Pvt) LimitedTea & Tea Products
Kaushalya Tea Export CompanyTea & Tea Products
Millenium Teas (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products Sectorwww.victoriantea.lkÿ
Natures Pride (Pvt) LtdTea & Tea Products
Classic Teas (Pvt) LimitedTea & Tea Products Sector
Regency Teas (Pvt.) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
UHE Exports (Pvt) Ltd. [Halp‚ Tea]Tea & Tea Products
A. F. Jones Exporters Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Amazon Trading (Pvt) LimitedTea & Tea Products
Ceylon Fresh Teas (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Empire Teas (PVT) LtdTea & Tea Products
HVA Foods PLCTea & Tea Products
Hyson Teas (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Jafferjee BrothersTea & Tea Products
Mahmood Tea International (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Venture Tea (PVT) LtdTea & Tea Products
Vintage Teas Ceylon Pvt Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Imperial Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Imperial Teas (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Gemi Teas Colombo (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
George Steuart Teasÿ (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Inter Tea (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products Sector
Lumbini Tea Exports (PVT) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Lumbini Tea Factory (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Mabroc Teas (Pvt.) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Maltras International (Pvt) Ltd.Tea & Tea Products
Master Tea & Spices (PVT) LtdTea & Tea Products Sector
Ranfer Group Of CompaniesTea & Tea Products /
Uniworld teas (PVT)LTDTea Based
The Montessori Workshop (Pvt) Ltd.Toy Products
DSL Lanka [Pvt] Ltd.Toy Products
Golden Palm Crafts ( Pvt) Ltd.Toy Products
Divine Worldwide (Pvt) LtdTrading (Multi-Products)
Savannah Exports (Pvt) LtdTrading (Multi-Products)
LAUGFS Lubricants LtdVehicle and industrial Lubricants,
Rainwear (Pvt) Ltd.Water Proof Jackets, Trousers, Outerwear, Coperatewear, T shirts, Caps, Vests & Surgical Gown,
Furni Fits Trophies (Pvt) Ltd.Wood & Wood based
Lanka Kade Export (Pvt) LtdWood & Wood based products
Pintanna Oud Oil Pvt LtdWood & Wood based
Samtessi Brush Manufacturers ( Pvt) LimitedWood & Wood based
Kent Display (Pvt) Ltd.Wood & Wood based
Warna Exporters (Pvt)Ltd.Wood and wood Based