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NCE to highlight Lankan Export Brands at Dubai World Expo

The World EXPO 2020, one of the largest international exhibitions in the world will be  held in Dubai from October 1 2021 to March 31, 2022, creating a platform to showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world we live in today.

Joining hands with this extraordinary and important experience, The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, the exclusive Chamber representing Sri Lankan Exporters is spearheading a trade exhibition concurrently, under the banner “Sri Lanka Export Brands” to showcase Sri Lankan Export Products and Services.

This exhibition will be held from February 17 to 20 2022 forming the ideal platform for Sri Lanka to create awareness for products and services and explore the immense opportunities of the Middle Eastern Region. This is the first time at an international “World Expo” event, promotion of Sri Lankan Products and Services is organized by the NCE.

The NCE has secured premises within the Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) located within the Expo 2020 Dubai site. The DEC is a multipurpose venue, spread across 45,000 sq.m. Through world-class hospitality services and a transformative atmosphere, DEC will host the “Sri Lanka Export Brands” exhibition in Hall 1B South – EXPO 2020.

President of the Chamber, Mr. Ravi Jayawardena
The President of the Chamber, Ravi Jayawardena stated that this is the 1st time in the Sri Lankan history of overseas trade fair participation that a large number of participation is recorded.

The event branded as ‘Sri Lanka Export Brands Expo 2020’ will showcase products and services to the UAE and rest of the Middle East markets also coinciding with the Gulf Food Exhibition, where food product sellers and buyers around the world come to Dubai for trading.

NCE, understating the importance of the event, has conducted its own marketing campaign in all the Middle Eastern Countries. This was made possible with personalized visits to some of the Trade Chambers and engaging their Memberships, efforts by all Sri Lankan Missions in the region inviting potential customers and publicity in print as well as electronic media.

The participation at this event could be beneficial to many Sri Lankan exports who are constantly seeking opportunities in new niche markets. Historically Middle East market has been dominated with Tea, Fruit and Vegetables and some food products. But with a growing affluent population, opportunities could be seeking in marketing High End Appeal, Gem’s  and Jewellery, Process Foods, Rubber Products, Gift Ware, Coconut Based products, just to name a few.

The Chamber has also signed up with Sri Lanka’s one of the leading private sector banks, Hatton National Bank Plc to extend financial assistance to potential exhibitors. HNB is the exclusive Banking Partner of the “Sri Lanka Export Brand” Exhibition.

This partnership with HNB will provide many services to the Potential Exhibitors in terms of Credit Card Facilities up to 12 months at ZERO percentage interest to cover the exhibition related costs on HNB credit card.

The Sri Lankan Export Community gladly welcomes the move as many Exporters are going through difficulties due to the C-19 negative impact and negative cash flows that have impacted their businesses heavily.  At the same time Exporters need to be in the international arena to attract buyers and since the Dubai Expo will provide them the much needed platform, the assistance provided by HNB is timely and very well appreciated.

Further, the NCE has partnered with MAC Holdings Private Limited, a multifaceted, diverse group of companies, through its fully owned subsidiary MAC Supply Chain Solutions Private Limited to provide value added services in terms of Logistics to transport goods to the Expo site and have offered specialized package deals for the benefit of the Exhibitor.

Under the partnership, MAC Supply Chain Solutions will be offering a range of logistics management services, including FREE OF CHARGE 1 x 40’HC in total to be used by the Exhibitors for their samples and other exhibits to be displayed at the event.

The Exhibitors will benefit immensely as the event is within the Expo Dubai main event, attracting large crowds targeting the B2B as well as B2C segments.

As per the live event dates, and the recent announcement by the UAE that it would move its weekends to Saturday and Sunday at the start of the New Year, where they expect regional visitors and also many UAE nationals to visit the event.

Updating the media, Shiham Marikar, SG-CEO highlighted the support already extended by the Sri Lankan Embassy in the UAE and the Consul General based in Dubai towards promoting this event. The NCE and its member exporters place a high note of appreciation for the role played by the Sri Lankan Mission in the UAE in terms of assisting the NCE in this process.

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE Malraj De Silva and Nalinda Wijerathna, Consul General of Sri Lanka, Dubai and Northern Emirates are playing a vital role from the initial stage of planning the event which is praiseworthy, he stated.  Further assurance by the Sri Lankan Missions in the UAE as well as other Gulf countries to invite business delegations to visit the event will provide a solid platform for the exhibitors to reach international markets.

Further emphasizing the respective roles played by various stakeholders towards making this event a success, Marikar also commended the role played by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotional Bureau in coordinating with the EXPO organizers in securing the venue, event dates and other logistical aspects.

The Sri Lankan Business Council in Dubai and Northern Emirates, an organization consisting of Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs and Senior Professionals in the UAE with a mission to maintain, support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic co-operation, employment and tourism between Sri Lanka and the UAE has also partnered with the NCE to promote the event and connect businesses with the Exhibiting Companies.

According to Marikar, there are many companies who have registered as exhibitors from various sectors including Tea and Tea Based Products, Spice and Spice Based Products, Gem and Jewellery Sector, Tourism and Tourism Related Services Sector, Wood and Wood Based Products, Floriculture and Horticulture Products Sector, Rubber Tires and Accessories Sector, Confectionary Products Sector, Organic Products Sector/Herbal Based Personal Care, Artificial and Natural (Dry) Handcrafts Flower Arrangements, Machinery and Light Engineering Products Sector, Rubber and Rubber Products, Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Herbals and Animal Health care, Handcrafts, Flower Arrangements, Paper and Paper based products Sector, Packaging Products Sector, Glass and Glass based Products Sector, Water Treatment Systems and Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Business and Professional Services and Service Providers to Exporters Sector.

The NCE has already commenced a powerful promotional campaign in coordination with the Sri Lankan Missions and Trade Chambers in the Gulf Region to create awareness for the event inviting potential buyers in those respective countries as well to visit the “Sri Lanka Export Brands” exhibition.

In coinciding the promotional activities, Marikar recently visited Oman where he had very successful meetings with retailers in Oman as well as with Oman Chamber of Commerce who have agreed to visit the exhibition with a business delegation. Moreover, he had also visited Dubai and met with high level officials of Chambers in the UAE and invited their members to visit the exhibition.

He further highlighted the tremendous support extended by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry and Sri Lankan Consulates in many countries in promoting this exhibition where the NCE connected with them through zoom platform and made presentations.

Through these efforts and strategic event dates coinciding with Gulf Food Expo 2020, we expect a higher number of regional and International visitors and UAE nationals to visit the exhibition, Marikar added.

Due to the adverse effects caused by the corona virus pandemic, Sri Lankan exporters are experiencing numerous challenges in sustaining export revenue and growth. However, remaining optimistic and upbeat, the World Expo provides a greater platform for Sri Lankan exporters to reach the right people, expand the business and develop the global network.

The Chamber is confident that this initiative will open up fresh avenues for the country’s exports to reach greater heights by expanding the global market share. Staying true to its greater mission of supporting the country’s export sector, the Chamber is encouraging exporters to join this international event to reach new markets, meet new people and cultures.