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NCE Praises Dedication of COVID -19 Frontliners

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) this week commended the immense sacrifices, invaluable dedication, commitment and the unwavering efforts by health front-liners in managing the COVID-19 virus and to bring the situation under control, oftentimes risking their own lives, for the benefit of the nation.

“We wish to take this opportunity to immensely appreciate and thank them who are playing this arduous task, a war against an unseen enemy and we are also concerned about their wellbeing. They are the ones who are confronting this deadliest threat and the most vulnerable, yet as a nation we can be proud to state that loss of lives of those front-liners are kept to a minimal as we are practicing the most stringent precautions,” the NCE said in a media statement.

NCE also appreciated all other indirect front-liners and their employees such as the Department of Customs, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Transport Providers and other essential utility service providers, especially health services for their unstinted services to the public, the business community and the exports sector in maintaining the economic activities, in spite of the risks to their own health and responsibilities which they owe to their families.

The chamber has urged those in the business community to work with an understanding of the prevalent situation and work with compassion during this challenging period and work around it to the best extent possible by cordially extending their fullest support to those who are front lining the deadly decease.

“In this context it is important that the players in the export sector, be mindful to protect the health of their employees and the interests of their families as well. We further state that it is at times like this that everyone is presented with the opportunity to demonstrate their core values and concern for others. NCE further emphasizes that a country like ours which has been victorious in a prolonged civil war and gained peace to the people will be able to combat the current crisis, although of a different nature and bring back the country and lives of its people to normalcy.  In this aspect, the general public has a greater responsibility and an important role to play by adhering to safety protocols imposed by the health authorities and armed forces and supporting the government in its efforts to combat the lethal virus,” it said.

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