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Meeting with Suppliers/Producers in Kandy & Kalutara Districts

Meeting with Suppliers/Producers in Kandy & Kalutara Districts

organized by the IDB jointly with NCE

In coordination with the Industrial Development Board (IDB), the NCE invites members to join the delegation to Kandy & Kalutara districts in Sri Lanka to meet with potential producers covering the different Product Sectors. This is a good opportunity for Exporters to meet with the Produces at the regional level and discuss their requirements.  

District Kandy District Kalutara District

Product Sectors  Value added Food Items

 Dehydrated foods

 Spices / Value added spices

 Agri based products

 Garment Products (Batik, Bags)

 Handicrafts

 Ornamental Products (Toys, etc.)

 Coir base Products

 Flowers and ornamental Leaves  / Plants  Value added Food and Beverage Products

 Spices and spice based products

 Kithul Based products

 Dehydrated food products

 Coir Based Products

 Cosmetics Products 

 Ornamental Products (Soft Toys, Traditional Mask etc)

 Textile/Clothing

Date 22nd of March 2023 29th of March 2023

Time 10.00 am -1.00 pm 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Venue Oak Ray Regency Hotel, Kandy Rowland Hotel & Restaurant, Kalutara

Transportation cost for those who are using transport provided by NCE Rs.5,500 per each Rs.4000 per each

Registration fee for those who are directly come to event using their own transportation Rs.2500 Rs.2500

The main objective of this event is to create a platform for Exporters to source their produce and set up a value chain. Participation of 50-60 producers from mentioned sectors are expected at this events and industry exporters can share their experience and also identify the industrialist issues, and development needs, and assist these producers to solve those problems. 

Chamber will organize a transport service for 20 participants to attend these event from the Chamber new premises 131/6, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo -08.

If you are interested to join these events, please contact to for  information.