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Exporters’ Chamber calls on people to refrain from aggressive protests

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) states that they strongly oppose violence and destruction of public property by individuals or groups intensifying the socio-economic unrest in the country.

NCE in a media release states that the President and the Cabinet must stabilise the economy. Considering the dreadful condition the country is in, this should be the utmost priority to save our Motherland from anarchy.

“We need to have a robust solution in place to drive the economy irrespective of political indifferences”, the Chamber highlighted.

“As a responsible Chamber, we kindly urge the people to refrain from ferocity, and if needed resort to peaceful protests while supporting the authorities to maintain law and order in the country. The country is already in economic mayhem, and it is the absolute responsibility of every citizen to rebuild the nation and uplift the economy.

“Exports are the leading sector currently bringing the much-needed foreign currency to the country, without which the country will further plummet economically. Hence supporting to run and sustain exports is mandatory. The export Value Chain has to be continued, supporting all stakeholder organisations to provide uninterrupted services to exporters, continued riots will disrupt these services, paralysing exports which will have mortal circumstances. “In this instance, the Chamber calls on all parties who are planning a demonstration, to sit around a table, discuss and resolve issues rather than getting on the streets.

It is noted many buyers have expressed their concerns due to work stoppages and seeking to move away from Sri Lanka fearing supply chain disruption.

Should this trend continue, our exports will be adversely affected and countries needing foreign exchange will dry up.

“There is a great tendency for Sri Lankan export enterprises to move their operation out of the country owing to numerous difficulties faced by them. Due to the general bleakness in the economy magnified by the forex and fuel crises along with the booming tax hike, the companies are planning to shift their businesses and main offices to other countries. Certain firms with international operations are moving their head offices to countries such as Singapore, where there are lesser tax burdens. All these will have a detrimental effect on our economy, the results will be unspeakable.

“The NCE calls on the President, the Cabinet, and all political parties to work together to bring solutions immediately. Further, it is crucially important for all citizens to act responsibly in these challenging times, supporting authorities to restore peace and harmony and strive towards a better future for our Motherland,” the release added.