National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka

NCE postpones annual export awards

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) has announced the postponement of the 28th Annual Export Awards ceremony which was scheduled to be held on 17th December 2020 at Hotel Shangri-La, Colombo. As part of the NCE’s contingency planning process and after consultation with Members of the Management Committee, the decision has been taken to postpone the annual event to 19th January 2021 and the event will be held at Hotel Shangri-La with the usual glitter and glamour, high standard and under the same auspices, always associated with this flagship event of the Sri Lankan Business Calendar.

The Chamber has unanimously reached this decision by considering the prevailing calamitous situation in the country and restrictions imposed thereon in conducting events of higher magnitude. The Officials of the Chamber said: “In light of the continuing spread of the virus, health and safety concerns and government and public health authority advice, we have decided to postpone this prestigious event. Our priority during this difficult period is to protect the well-being of participants including award winners, invitees, guests and all other relevant individuals.”

They further stated that the evaluation and the judging process of applications has also been delayed due to the ongoing lockdown and police curfew imposed in several areas of the country. However, the Chamber plans to resume the process soon after the situation falls back to normal.

NCE Export Awards is the premier awards ceremony and the flagship event in the Sri Lankan Business Calendar conducted by NCE, specially designed to recognize and reward outstanding performance of Sri Lankan Exporters. The event has achieved national recognition over the past 27 years due to its professionalism and high standards.

This prestigious award is meant to enhance the visibility of the exporter in the global market and gain prominence and ease of access into various international markets. In bestowing this award, the Chamber recognizes various important aspects of a business, accentuating on People, Profit and Planet. Further, special awards are given for Innovation, Value Additions and Research & Development, keeping abreast with the economic views of the Sri Lankan Government.